Those Who Draw the Sword (Matt 26:51-56)

Matthew 26:51-56 from the New Testament translated into Marathi by R H Kelkar


2 responses to “Those Who Draw the Sword (Matt 26:51-56)

  1. Prof R R Kelkar

    Dear Mr Yesudas,

    Many thanks for your mail. On my blog, viewers have two options. One option is of clicking on ‘New Testament Books’ and then reading or copying a complete NT book in pdf format.

    The ‘Select Topics’ option takes the viewers to a list of over a hundred topics, from which they can choose a topic nearest to what they have been looking for in the NT. The advantage here is that they do not have to search through an entire book and the pertinent text appears almost instantly in image format. For most viewers this is sufficient. The more inquisitive ones can and do go to the Books themselves. I am constantly adding to the list of available topics, and as a result the number of visitors has been going up.

    There are advantages and disadvantages in every method of communication. Most people who use the internet are not internet-savvy. There are only a few per cent who are experts in manipulating the internet. Moreover, at the present time, communicating on the internet in Marathi is far from easy because of non-uniform software. The unicode fonts may have been standardised somewhat, but many anomalies persist, particularly when it comes to joining of consonants which is very common in the Marathi alphabet. Unicode does not solve the whole problem because there are numerous keyboard layouts in vogue, and the same text can appear as garbage when seen in a different keyboard layout.

    I hope there will be new innovations in a couple of years and I also hope that with God’s grace, the Marathi Bible site will be able to keep up with the times.


    R R Kelkar

  2. Dear Prof Kelkar,
    Here you have put marathi text as an image.

    There is an disadvantage with this method.
    No one can copy a portion of the image, for the purpose of emailing or any other reproducable format.
    Why cant you give the text in unicode format?
    If you need any help in typing in unicode format of marathi text/blog,
    mail me to my email address i can help you some how by giving the links/files.

    As an admin, i think you can see my email address.
    You can also visit our website to get email address.

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