Marathi Bible Wallpapers (34)

If you have faith…”Tumchyat jar vishwas asel…” (Matthew 21:21 from the New Testament translated into Marathi by R H Kelkar)

Photo credit: Ulka Kelkar

Click on the thumbnail to download the wallpaper


5 responses to “Marathi Bible Wallpapers (34)

  1. Br Bipin Yeshudas Gaikwad

    praise the lord

  2. Bro. Kelkar I am enjoing Hindi /English GO BIBLE in nokia E71 but I am very sad about there is no Marathi GO Bible. Go bible is very fast. I am praying that God will provide.

  3. Beautiful wallpapers Daddy.

    • Thanks, Tuhina. I got a comment on Cloud and Sunshine suggesting that the popularity test of one’s blog is whether it is read by one’s children! Daddy

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