Marathi Bible Wallpaper (John 12:47)

For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world…”Karan mee jagacha nyay karayla nahee, pan mee jagacha taran karayla alo.” (John 12:47 from the New Testament translated into Marathi by R H Kelkar)

Background art: R R Kelkar

Click on thumbnail to download the wallpaper


2 responses to “Marathi Bible Wallpaper (John 12:47)

  1. A very colorful and artistic wallpaper. Are there more in the pipeline?

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Tuhina,

      Recently I could acquire some Unicode Marathi fonts which are quite difficult to get. I am trying them out against my self-designed backgrounds. This one is what you had called a Rangoli design.

      Yes, I hope to continue designing more wallpapers. After all, my Marathi Bible Wallpapers are the most popular downloads from this site.


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