A New Format

Regular visitors to my Nava Karar site would have surely noticed its new format. My mirror site, which allows navigation in Marathi, also has this same new look.

The Nava Karar site now appears brighter, smarter and less cluttered than before. There is only one broad sidebar instead of two narrow ones and there are fewer but bolder buttons at the top. All the previous options and links remain available, only that some of them have been rearranged in the form of dropdown lists. The date now appears more prominently.

The top of the page shows an array of thumbnails of selected Marathi Bible wallpapers. My wallpapers have been immensely popular and downloading them is now going to be even easier. The thumbnail strip has also added colour to the page.

If you like the new format, do tell me!

R R Kelkar

9 November 2011


2 responses to “A New Format

  1. It is certainly a change for the better! Congratulations on the new look! May you and your team continue to be a beacon light in the media drawing millions to the saving knowledge of the revelation of Christ Jesus, who alone is worthy to be praised, honored and glorified. Have a great day!

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Travis,
      Thanks for your comment! I am happy that you like the new format.
      Right now we have a one-man team! Keep praying for me and this web site.
      Ranjan Kelkar

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