New Marathi eBook by Prof R R Kelkar

A hundred questions you always wanted to ask Jesus? Well, he has already answered them for you! Find them in this new Marathi eBook by Prof R R Kelkar.

Jesus was always being questioned about so many things. His adversaries were waiting to catch him in his own statements. His disciples wanted clarifications. Common people approached him with their problems. Even evil spirits questioned him! More than a hundred questions that Jesus was asked and he answered have been recorded in the New Testament. That was 2000 years ago. Times have changed. But we have not. The questions that come to our minds today are not quite different. We are as doubtful, ignorant, judgmental and sinful as the people who posed their questions directly before Jesus.

The eBook has plenty of quotations from the R H Kelkar Greek-Marathi translation of the New Testament. They are indexed and arranged topicwise. To download, click on the button below:


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