Marathi Bible Wallpaper (Psalm 108:4)

Your love is higher than the clouds… “Tuze prem dhaganpekshahi unch ahe.   (Psalm 108:4)
Photo – R R Kelkar, St Thomas Church, Thumba, Kerala, India
Click on the image to download the wallpaper
Wallpaper Psalm 108 4


2 responses to “Marathi Bible Wallpaper (Psalm 108:4)

  1. Love the Scripture verse and pic. To Jesus be the glory forever and ever.

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Travis,
      Thank you for your comment, and more so for remaining in touch with me. I am a meteorologist, photographer, nature lover and a follower of Christ, all in one! I love making these wallpapers and I am glad that they are downloaded by the thousands! I had recently been to a place called Thumba to deliver a lecture in a scientific conference, and next to the conference venue was a church and a beach. The setting was ideal for me to do some creative work.
      Regards and prayers for your well being,
      Ranjan Kelkar

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