This site is maintained by Prof R R Kelkar, Pune, India. To contact him, you may send an email to

If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the Nava Karar CD, please send him an email giving your name, postal address and telephone number. All the 27 books of the Nava Karar translated by R H Kelkar and the Greek-Marathi Word-Book compiled by him are available on this CD in pdf format. 


51 responses to “Contact

  1. Sir, greetings in the name our Lord & Saviour Jejus Christ.
    I am believer and attending assembly at Karve Rd Christain assembly, Pune. Since I , read your blog, am eager to meet you. Please email me your address and contact to my email.

  2. Manisha Borude

    Dnyanodaya Marathi Magazine postane Gharpoch milel Ka? tya sathi ji masik denagi asel ti amt sangal ka?

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Please contact the Editor of Dnyanodaya, Mr Ashok Prabhakar Angre at 9623057711.
      Ranjan Kelkar

  3. Prof R R Kelkar

    I have sent you the Nava Karar CD by DTDC courier. Ranjan Kelkar.

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Nitin,
      Thanks for visiting my site. To download the Nava Karar, just click on “Download Nava Karar Books (PDF)”.
      Best wishes,
      R R Kelkar

  4. Praise the Lord ,
    Can I get your email address and contact number so that I can call

  5. Nitin Jagdale

    sir can u give your full postal address, and mobile No

    Prof Kelkar I were read MARATHI ARTICLE on your side , I like it tottally spiritual build up words and life changing words this words drag to jesus near and feel presence of god. pls can u send me CD or BOOK all Article. like wise pls see below

    ( Lok preya lekh, Prathna, Daily life, Preeti, Parmeshwar Dev, Yeshu Christ, Mahagil 50 lekh, Sangriket Lekh )

    I’ m igarely wating………..

    i was send u mail pls take address from….

    • Dear Samuel,
      Thanks for your comment. My articles are meant for online reading. I do not have them in printed books or on a cd. But you can take a print yourself if you want.
      Best wishes and prayers,
      Ranjan Kelkar

      • Prof Kelkar I m humbly requested you pls send me all Article there have your side please make for me book of Article do the print and make the set of Article. I hope you will send.

        Your Brother in Christ Samuel

  7. prof. Kelkar I don’t have marathi fonte in my system so i unable to view marathi bible words can u tell me. process download and set up in system in microsot office.

    • Dear Samuel,
      If you install a good internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, your Marathi font problems will be solved.
      Best wishes,
      R R Kelkar

  8. Thank you so much. I received your Nava Karar cd …
    prabhu che vachan sangate ki jase tumhi mapun dyal tyach mapane va tyapeksha adhik swargiya pita tumhala pan deeel …
    God bless you

  9. Hello Sir.
    Is there a good english to marathi translation website or tool. I am writing a few Christian articles that i would like to translate to Marathi.
    God bless you for your wonderful work!
    D Vaz.

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Delon,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I have not used an online English-Marathi translation site myself and so I cannot recommend one. If you give a google search, you may find one that is useful for your work. But most of such sites have their own problems. I think the best tool is a good English-Marathi dictionary which you can buy from a bookshop.
      Regards and prayers,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  10. praise the lord brother
    I want Nava karar CD
    please find the address
    Pramod A.Shinde.
    2/d/15, sadguru society sector 10 koparkhairane navi mumbai – 400709

  11. Sir,
    Could I get the Marathi Font which is used in the site.
    Best regards

  12. sir can u give your full postal address

  13. Pl send me marathi baibal

    Thank you

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Subodh,
      Thanks for your interest in the Marathi Bible. I will surely send you the Nava Karar CD, but for that I need your full postal address, pin code and contact phone number. You can either give it here or send me by email at
      Best wishes,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  14. Ranvirkar Balaji Sudam

    देवाची स्तुति असो!
    तुम्ही पाठविलेली “नवा करार” सीडी मला प्राप्त झाले. त्यामध्ये पीडीएफ फॉरमॅट असल्यामुळे फॉन्ट इंस्टॉल करण्याची आवश्यकता नाही. स्पष्ट मराठी भाषेतून असल्यामुळे मी ती सीडी माझ्या काम करीत असलेल्या कार्यालतील संगणकाच्या डेस्कटॉप वर फोल्डर करून ठेवले आहे.
    आता मला दुपारच्या वेळेस कार्यालयात सुद्धा संगणकावर नवा करार वाचता येते.
    धन्यवाद !!
    —— रणविरकर बालाजी सुदाम, नांदेड

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      प्रिय रणविरकर,
      तुमच्या प्रतिक्रियेबद्दल धन्यवाद. परमेश्वर तुम्हाला आशीर्वादित करो.
      रंजन केळकर

  15. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for all your efforts.
    I need one nava karar.

  16. naveen kaluthanthri

    i want to marathi bible cd

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Naveen,

      I can send you the Nava Karar CD by courier/post. But for that I need your full postal address including pin code, and your contact phone or mobile number. If you prefer, you can send me this information by email to

      Ranjan Kelkar

  17. Mangesh Jagtap

    Dear Sir,

    Jay Christ. I am living in Saudi Arabia. Can you send me the way of Cross in Marathi. If you have it, please send it by E-Mail. I am searching it but I am unable to find it.

    I need it.

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Mangesh,

      Thanks for your comment, but I am sorry that I do not have the resource that you are looking for. I suggest that you visit my site where you will find a booklet and a large number of articles on Christianity and comparative religion written in Marathi by Hari Govind Kelkar. You may feel interested in some of them.

      God bless you,

      Ranjan Kelkar

  18. Please send NT CD

    • Dear Reverend Kale,

      Thanks for visiting this blog. I will be glad to send you the Nava Karar CD. Please note that this is not an audio CD. It contains the Nava Karar books in PDF format readable on a computer. Kindly let me know your mailing address and contact telephone mumber so that I can courier the CD to you.

      Ranjan Kelkar

  19. sir i send you my add pls give mi mp3 nava karar cd
    jesus bless you & your family

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Pramod,

      Thank you for your comment. I wish to clarify that the Nava Karar CD is not a MP3 audio CD. It has the text of the Marathi New Testament in PDF format which can easily be read on any PC. If you are interested in it, please confirm, and I will send it to you by courier.

      God bless you,

      Ranjan Kelkar

  20. Dear brother in Christ,

    Can i have Nava Karar or the complete Bible in CD please. I was looking around for this from a long time. My address is
    Amis Lopes
    Darshan A1/2, Ground floor,
    Op Railway station, Achole road, Nallasopara (E), Pin: 401 203, Mob: 9819412021

    Many thanks
    amis lopes


    • Dear David,

      Thank you for your kind words. I can send you the CD by courier if you let me know your address and contact phone number. Right now all my files are in PDF or JPEG format and so they cannot be transferred to mobile phones.


      R R Kelkar

  22. Dear Sir,
    I have received Nava Karar CD by courier within 3 Days.
    I really appreciate your efforts.
    God Bless you & your Team.

    Thanks & Regards.

    Sunil chopde
    Dahanu Road,

  23. pl send marathi movies about revolution

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