Greek-Marathi Word-Book (PDF)

Greek-Marathi Word-Book for New Testament Students

Preface to the Word-Book


6 responses to “Greek-Marathi Word-Book (PDF)

  1. Sir can you share the upasnaa sangeet ya bhaktigeet sangrah

    • Dear Amol,
      Upasana Sangeet is a printed book which is copyrighted, and it is not available on the internet. So it is not possible for me to share it.
      Ranjan Kelkar

  2. Respected Kelkar saheb

    Indeed this Word Book in Marathi is just. Great! I read all 7 articles that you have posted and just couldn’t decide which one is best. However the information on William Carey was quite revealing. I will certainly reprint these articles, with your kind permission’ in my Church Magazine ‘Deepsthamba’ (of Robinson Methodist Marathi Church Bombay) that is published bi-monthly and circulated free of charge to nearly 500 families all over Maharashtra. Would Love to have your postal address to enable me to regularly post our magazine regularly

    Love & Regards
    Anil Ahaley

    • Dear Rev Ahaley,
      Thank you for your words of appreciation. I have sent you an email. Please see it.
      Ranjan Kelkar

  3. Rev.Gladwin Jaykar

    One of the GREAT find of my life is this Word Book which I was not aware of. I was not taught about this even at Seminary Level in Maharashtra! What a pity not to know such treasures !! But thank God I found at last !

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