Marathi Psalms

The following twelve selected Psalms from the Marathi Old Testament have been set to the metre of the traditional style of the Marathi “abhang” so that they can be easily sung in familiar tunes. They are true to the original prose text in content.

1, 8, 23, 24, 27, 34, 37, 100, 103, 121, 127, 139

To download the pdf file click here

20 responses to “Marathi Psalms

  1. Respected Kelkar Sir,
    I wish to have Marathi Bible in bold type and big font. I tried my level best to find out but all in vein. Would you please suggest me, where I can get it.

    • Dear Joseph,
      As far as I know what you are looking for is not available in bookshops or online stores. However the Bible Society of India, Mumbai, could be having what is called a “Pulpit Bible” in Marathi. You may send an email to and find out.
      Ranjan Kelkar

  2. Praise the lord
    I need marathi bible old testemant pls help me for this where can i get from.


  3. Just wanted to say … Good Job

  4. I learnt to sing the Psalms (in Marathi) by just sitting in the presence of my grand father at an early age since 6. I never knew that these beautiful hymns to God were of the type “abhang” till I came across your GREAT website. After I downloaded the pdf, this is similar to the style of the book that we used “Sa-dh-Gitanjali” (that had some of the Psalms).

    May God’s grace be with you always,
    Parry Sequeira

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Parry,
      Thank you for your comment and kind words.
      In fact I am aiming at producing a music CD that will have these 12 psalms set to simple tunes which people can sing along. Right now I do not have the talents or technical resources for this purpose, but I believe God will make it possible some day!
      Regards and prayers,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  5. me ek qulified mulga aaha pan maza kadha job mahe aapan mala job melun dayu shakata ka?

  6. i never understood this line please tell me
    मत्तय 12
    ४३“जेव्हा एखाद्या मनुष्यामधून अशुद्ध आत्मा बाहेर निघतो तेव्हा तो विसावा शोधीत निर्जल ठिकाणांमधून फिरतो; पण तो त्याला मिळत नाही. ४४तेव्हा तो म्हणतो, ‘मी जिथून बाहेर आलो त्या माझ्या घरात मी परत जाईन’. आणि तो येतो तेव्हा ते त्याला रिकामं, झाडलेलं आणि सजवलेलं आढळतं. ४५मग तो जातो आणि आपल्यापेक्षा दुष्ट असलेले आणखी सात आत्मे आपल्याबरोबर घेतो, आणि ते आत जाऊन तिथं राहतात. आणि त्या मनुष्याची शेवटची स्थिती पहिल्या स्थितीहून अधिक वाईट होते. तसं त्या दुष्ट पिढीचं होईल.”

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Vishal,
      There is a popular saying that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. When we try to get rid of evil tendencies or sinful habits, we should let the Holy Spirit fill us and allow Christ to take charge of our life. Otherwise the evil or sin will return in greater force.
      Tell me if you are satisfied with this explanation?
      Prayers and regards,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  7. Nice job done for Christ’s glory and kingdom, keep going,
    God bless you!
    I have a dream that all the believers should come on a community in Facebook. Can you please take an initiative for this?

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Sachin,
      Thanks for your comment. Facebook is a social network of busy people, but the kingdom of God goes far beyond an occasional hi, hello, like and share. Jesus’ call is very demanding. He seeks all your attention, time and energy. In fact, he asks you to surrender your life to him. Do you think you can do that?
      Best wishes, and keep reading the Word of God,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  8. Jaydeep Bhapkar

    Namaskar sir.
    Mi Jaydeep Bhapkar engineering cha student aahe mi Baramaticha aahe
    Mala gayanchi sandhi havi aahe please sir mala madat karad

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      प्रिय जयदीप,
      तुमची प्रतिक्रिया वाचली. तुम्हाला गाणे शिकायचे आहे की तुम्हाला गाणे गायचे आहे ? मला सांगा.
      रंजन केळकर


    Praise God for the service you are rendering to Him even at this age. May God fill you with His power and Holy spirit.

    I wish to learn the Marathi Psalms for singing in our Marathi church. Please help me, or any web site you suggest to learn Marathi hymns.

    • Dear Naresh,

      Thank you for your comment. As regards singing Marathi psalms in your church, I may be able to help you if you happen to be in Pune and we can meet.

      Ranjan Kelkar

  10. Very nice work. Keep doing. May God strengthen you to serve Him more in these last days

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Amis,

      Thanks for your appreciation. I am 66 years old and I really need God’s strength all the time. Please remember me in your prayers.

      R R Kelkar

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