Marathi Hymns

This Marathi hymn given below was composed by Hari Govind Kelkar, and  published in ‘Dnyanodaya’ Magazine in July 1884. It is a song of praise to the Lord who came to earth in human form for the salvation of mankind.

This Marathi hymn given below was composed by Hari Govind Kelkar, and published in the ‘Dnyanodaya’ magazine in November 1883. It is an appeal for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Chapter 4 of the Book of John in the Bible narrates the conversation that Jesus had with a woman from Samaria who had come to draw water from a well. Jesus tells her about the spring of living water that will gush into eternal life. She tells Him that she knows about the coming of the Messiah and He says that He is that very one. The Marathi hymn given below, which was composed by Hari Govind Kelkar, is based upon the Bible passage John 4:24-26

The Marathi hymn given below was composed by Hari Govind Kelkar, and it is about the hope and joy that the Bible offers


37 responses to “Marathi Hymns

  1. majha sathi prathana kara

  2. Mala hyachi daan dega Deva song Ani stava tujhe song pahije ahe

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Ashish,
      Thanks for visiting my site. Sorry, I do not have these songs. You may search on YouTube. Perhaps they may be there.
      Best wishes,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  3. Elisha Samudre

    Dear Prof,
    Thank you for dis glorious hymns.
    I wish to have the song titled Keli Maafi he mala.
    If you have can you please post it.

  4. Dear Prof…
    Praise the Lord…
    Thanks for the beautiful song “Yeshu maza mendpal” link. We have a Marathi family in our church and to learn and sing with them Marathi hyms I have been looking for Marathi hyms over the internet but unable to find. but the link you shared is very valuable. Also is there a way to get the “Upasna Sangeet hymn book”?

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Henry,
      Thanks for your kind words. About getting the Upasana Sangeet, I may be able to suggest a way if you tell me where you are based.
      Best wishes,
      Ranjan Kelkar

      • Dear Prof,
        I am residing at Ambernath, i.e. beyond Kalyan. This is the Central Railway line.


      • Prof R R Kelkar

        Dear Henry,
        Take a local to CST. Right opposite GPO you will find Malhotra House in which the Bible Society has an office and showroom. I am sure they will have Upasana Sangeet on sale. But if you wish to make doubly sure, first call them on 22611707.
        God bless you,
        Ranjan Kelkar

  5. Praise the LORD!
    I need Upaasna Sangeet Book. Do we have any app for the same?

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Andy,
      Upasana Sangeet is a printed book, which is copyrighted and is unavailable on the net. You would have to enquire with a bookshop that sells Christian books. I do not know where you are located and cannot advise.
      Best wishes,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  6. After the Holy Bible if there is any book close to a Maharastrian Christian’s heart it is the Upasna Sangeet hymn book!! Thank you sir for creating this blog. My grandfather Late Sugandhrao Bhalerao has composed many hymns from the Upasna Sangeet hymn book & even today they are sung in Marathi churches. It is soul satisfying to see hymns from the first of its kind Marathi hymn book, posted on the net. Thank you & may you continue to be a blessing

    • Dear Rajshree,
      This is in response to both your comments. Thank you for visiting my blog, for your words of appreciation and for your prayers for me. I am 72 years old and your comments are an echo of my own thoughts. Yes, Upasana Sangeet is a treasure indeed. It is the poetry of saints. Many times when I am alone, I sing these hymns aloud for myself! There is a beauty in those words, and the tunes set by people like Sugandhrao are unforgettable.
      It is sad that in today’s world, many things are changing for the worse and we can only feel helpless. But if you are serious, we can take up a project for putting on the internet the classic Marathi hymns with lyrics along with their notation so that posterity can remember them and continue to sing them. We can perhaps start with say 10 songs and end up eventually with a set of say 100. Please give it a thought and let me know. My email id is
      Best wishes,
      Ranjan Kelkar, Pune

  7. Sir,it is indeed soul satisfying to see hymns from Marathi Upasna Sangeet hymn book. My grandfather Sugandhrao Bhalerao has composed tunes for many of the hymns and was one of the founders of the Upasna Sangeet Mandal. These days since praise & worship has a modern touch the old marathi hymns are fading. Thank you once again & God bless you

  8. Mahesh Voithy

    want the hymn list for all sunday’s masses in marathi

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Mahesh,
      I am sorry that I do not have such a list. There is a book called “Upasana Sangeet”. Try to acquire it.
      Best wishes,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  9. Hello.
    My name is Reena. I belong to parish in Pune. I am looking for 2 marathi hymns with their lyrics and audio. Hoping for getting some help.
    1. Mi kuthe hi kasa hi aso, krist mazhya made toh disk.
    2. Disha disha tuni, yet aahe taranhaar dur karnya andhaar.

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Reena,
      Thanks for visiting my site. I tried to search for these songs on youtube but I had no success. There are many nice Christian songs in Marathi on youtube and you may like some of them. But if you are interested only in these two, then you should try to remember where and when you heard them and trace them out.
      BTW are you a singer or musician? I am trying to make my own album of selected Marathi Psalms for which I need good singers and accompanists. Will you or any of your friends be interested in such a project? Let me know.
      In the mean time I hope you find your songs. Remember Jesus said, seek and you will find!
      Best wishes,
      Ranjan Kelkar

    • Julie Vijay Patil

      Hi Reena,
      I stay in Mumbai and I have the upassna sangeeta, hymn book, which has all old Marathi songs. I will try to search for that song for u.
      Pls msg me ur email ID and I will send the lyrics to u and if possible the mp3 also.

      Greetings in Christ,

  10. Shanta Paradkar

    Need a song …just as I am without one plea…in Marathi

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Shanta,
      What a pleasant surprise to hear from you! You may have last seen me as a youngster living with my father in Pune. I spent half my career in Delhi and then returned to settle down in Pune. I am 72 now, I live alone here and spend a lot of time on the internet. Your name sounded familiar and when I saw balwant in your email id, so many old memories came back. Here is the song you wanted:

      जसा मी आहे निराधार,
      आलो तसाच दे उद्धार,
      की वाहे तुझी रक्तधार,
      देवाच्या प्रिय कोकरा.

      आलो तसाच करू काय,
      व्हायास शुद्ध हीनोपाय,
      तुझेच रक्त दे सहाय,
      देवाच्या प्रिय कोकरा.

      आलो तसाच भ्रांति फार,
      हावा जगात दुर्निवार,
      घेरीती संकटे अपार,
      निवारी, प्रिय कोकरा.

      आलो तसाच अंधळा,
      दुःखी, दरिद्री, दुबळा,
      साठा तुझाच सगळा,
      पुरीव, प्रिय कोकरा.

      अशाच तू स्वीकारिशी,
      क्षमा सप्रेम करिशी,
      की बोलणे न मोडिशी,
      देवाच्या प्रिय कोकरा.

      तुझ्या प्रेमेच जिंकिले,
      या हृदयास चेचिले,
      आता मी सर्व सोपिले,
      तुला, हे प्रिय कोकरा.

      God bless you, Shanta,
      Ranjan Kelkar

      • Shanta Paradkar

        Thank you very much. I forwarded this to some Marathi Christian friends.
        We were pleasantly surprised re your quick response.
        Balwant is now 86 yrs and I am 78.
        He has Parkinson’s,s decease and cannot walk without cane. He is regressing slowly. But his mind is still good. Sadanand and family still keep in touch by mail.
        You can see some pictures of us on Shanta Paradkar Face book.
        Hope to be in touch with you soon. Is Pastor Kelkar your son?q
        Balwant and Shanta



      • Prof R R Kelkar

        Dear Shanta,
        I have sent you a friend request on facebook, so we can be in touch. I will also send you a separate email. No, Pastor Kelkar (?) is not my son. I have two daughters, both married.
        I suggest that you visit my web site where I write brief devotionals in Marathi.
        God bless you,
        Ranjan Kelkar

      • Can get the name of the original writer for this song pls

      • Prof R R Kelkar

        “Just as I am without one plea” – Charlotte Elliott 1835.

  11. Rev. Vinod Vishwas

    Hello sir. I am Rev. Vinid Vishwas Trinith Community Reformed Presbyterian Chjurch from Nagpur.
    I just want to appreciate what you are doing for Marsthi christians. As you must be knowing am also a traditional gospel singer. God has led me to bring up tradigional marathi songs sung in a traditional way. I have produced one marathi traditional songs Cd. Named MTMA CHINTAN. hope you might have heard. It has become veru popular worldwide amongst the mararathi clmmunity. I just want send you a copy. Please let me know your willingness. God bless. Rrv. Vinod Vishwas. Contact no. 09822699340

    • Dear Rev Vinod,
      Many thanks for your comment. I will certainly like to receive your music CD and hear your voice. I have sent you an email giving my contact details.
      Please remember me in your prayers.
      Ranjan Kelkar

  12. Please send me daily verses.

  13. Naresh kumar Bhonsley

    I wish to listen to the hymns composed by you sir
    can you please help me . I wish to sing in our church

    • Prof R R Kelkar

      Dear Naresh,
      Thank you for your comment and interest in my web site.
      First of all, let me clarify that these hymns were composed not by me but my grandfather, Hari Govind Kelkar. All four of them are printed in the “Upasana Sangeet” book which is commonly available in churches.
      About your listening to the hymns, I am sorry that I do not have them in audio MP3 file format.
      By the way, can you tell me where you are based and which is your church? If you prefer you can send me a mail at
      Best wishes and prayers,
      Ranjan Kelkar

  14. GOD shall supply all our needs

  15. Jesus Christ is alive GOD

  16. parmeshwar maza mendhapal ahe, mala une padnar nahi.

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